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The DNA chipset from Evolv is a legend of vaping. From the original DNA chip to the newer incarnations, DNA box mod devices have been a hallmark of the vaping industry for some time. Here are 7 of the best DNA box mods on the market, although many are really DNA mods to reflect the modern market.

The device has a really cool look, with a boxy frame but a rubberized grip section on the back side, and the standard layout of fire button, HD OLED screen and two adjustment buttons on the front face. It runs on an included but removable mAh battery, although 1, mAh extenders are available too. As with all of the devices on this list, this is more than enough for pretty much any vaper, from ordinary vapers looking for a satisfying vape right through to cloud-chasers.

My Best Squonk Mods - DNA, Mech, Mosfets

It also features temperature control vaping with nickel or titanium coils, making it a solid option no matter how you prefer to vape. The Therion from Lost Vape is included in this DNA mod list because it only tops out at the lower wattage because it takes two battery cells rather than three. The Therion has a really cool look, with a grip section at the back with a range of cool design options. It runs on two batteries, which is the reason the maximum wattage is W rather thanbut this makes it more portable than many other options for DNA mod.

As well as the variable wattage from 1 to W, the DNA vape mod supports coils down to 0. It also has a temperature control feature, which works with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils down to 0. Both of these modes work really well, and despite the lower wattage supported, earn it a spot among the best DNA mods on the market.

The device has a stabilized wood body, which gives each device its own unique color pattern, but every single one looks awesome. The boxy shape is fairly basic, but in combination with the wood-grain patterns it still does really well from a design perspective.

It works with all major TC wire types, supporting coils down to 0. The Paranormal has a lot in common with the Therion, with a similar set of features and even a comparable design, but this uses the DNA chipset rather than the The device runs on two batteries, which you purchase separately, and insert using a simple hinged door on the bottom of the device.

The Paranormal has a textured back edge and some cool wooden panels, with an OLED display screen, fire button and two adjustment buttons on the front. The maximum wattage on this DNA box mod has been throttled down to W, so it can function safely with just two batteries.

It works with any coils down to 0.

dna mods

All of the DNA box mod devices on this list ultimately have the same set of features, because the chip is central in determining what they are. One of the major improvements over the Therion, though, is that the Paranormal charges at an impressive 2 A, so you can get back to vaping quicker than usual.

Again, it makes this list because many DNA vape mods have been discontinued. However, it has a lot to offer vapers, with a 10 watt hour 3S LiPo battery pack included as standard. This is plenty to keep you vaping throughout the day, and it also comes with 2 A charging so you can recharge quickly and efficiently every time.

The design is pretty standard for a box mod, with a blocky shape, aluminum construction and a basic front panel featuring a screen and three buttons for controlling your vaping. The DNA vape mod has a rubberized coating to add comfort in-use.

The firmware on DNA models is also upgradeable, so you can get access to any improvements made to the system over time.

The VT from HCigar makes this list for packing all the features of the latest DNA chipset into an ergonomically-designed and attractive mod. It runs on three batteries so it can support the substantial power output, and the remaining battery is monitored individually for each cell.

The design of the mod is nicely rounded, with a curved back edge that makes the device really comfortable to hold, and a flat front face with an OLED display screen and the standard three-button layout for adjusting settings and vaping. Like all the latest, three-battery DNA vape mod options in this list, it supports vaping at up to W, and has a full-featured TC mode too.

It has plenty of in-built safety features, so you can vape with peace of mind. The detail around the front panel and battery door add to the overall look, with a textured feel on the back panel and around the front screen. Like most DNA vape mod options — and mods more generally — it has an OLED display with three buttons to control the main vaping functions.

Evolv DNA Rebel Mods

The connection is stainless steel threaded and spring-loaded, so connectivity is never an issue, and the low minimum resistance 0. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close.As you become a more experienced vaper, chances are that you'll want to invest in a better vape device with high-end features, such as a vape mod. Countless vape mods are on the market today, and while you're researching which device is right for you, it's likely that you'll come across something called a DNA mod.

DNA mods are some of the hottest devices in the vape world, and they are an excellent choice if you want the best vaping experience possible. Here are a few things that every vaper should know about these mods, including why they're such a good investment.

Before we discuss the ins and outs of DNA modslet's take a little refresher course on what vape mods are and why they're beneficial. Vape mods are vape devices that the user can modify in some way. While some vape mods are very simple, including only a heating element, vape juice tank, and case, others are complex and are equipped with a circuit board or microchip that allows for most features. These devices are known as box mods. When most people talk about vape mods, they're referring to box mods, and even if you've never vaped before, you've probably seen these devices around.

Many box mods come equipped with an LED screen that allows you to monitor and alter vaping settings such as temperature and wattage.

With a box mod, you'll have a lot more control over your vaping experience, which is why these devices are so popular. Image via Flickr by Dirkusmaximus Now that you're a little more familiar with vape mods in general, we can discuss the popular DNA mod.

As mentioned, box mods are vape mods that include a microchip, and a DNA mod is any vape mod that includes a DNA chipset. On the outside, DNA mods look just like any other vape mod on the market, but on the inside, they feature one of the most advanced microchips on the market today.

The DNA chip is developed and sold by Evolv Vapor and comes in several different styles, making it easy for everyone to find a chip that meets their precise vaping needs. Efficiency is one of the main reasons that DNA mods are so popular. The advanced chip in these mods has shown to be extremely accurate when it comes to coil temperature regulation, which makes these mods a great choice for anyone who's interested in temperature control vaping.

DNA mods work like your standard box mod.

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019 | Top 5 DNA Box Mods You Can Find on the Market Today

The DNA chipset is attached to the touch screen of your mod, and once everything is correctly installed, you'll be able to enjoy useful vaping features. In addition to being able to easily control the temperature of your heating coil, you'll be able to track important information such as battery life and coil resistance. Every mod that includes a DNA chip will include the same basic features, which means that regardless of the mod manufacturer, you'll have the excellent vaping experience that you want.

If you're interested in using a vape modpurchasing a mod equipped with the DNA30 board is an excellent decision, particularly since you'll enjoy a wide range of advanced features. Consistent wattage control is one of the most impressive features of the DNA If you set your vape mod to 30 watts, it will vape at 30 watts until your battery runs out of power.

While this may not seem all that exciting at first glance, it means that you'll get consistent vapor production every time you take a hit off your mod. With the DNA30, you'll also enjoy a variable wattage feature that makes it much easier to vape with different coils and tanks.

You can adjust the wattage to maximize coil performance and can even adjust your settings to maximize your vape juice flavor. DNA30 gives you the control that you need to enjoy vaping to the fullest. Easy charging is another great DNA30 feature. In general, you can charge DNA30 mods using a micro USB cord, which means you shouldn't have much trouble keeping your device powered, even while you're on the move. With the easy charging provided by a DNA modyou'll never have to worry about your device running out of power in the middle of a vaping session.

The DNA30 chipset also includes several features that will help to keep you safe while vaping. For instance, when your battery is discharged to 3. A five-click locking mechanism makes sure that your vape device only fires when you want it to. Several different types of DNA boards are available, however, and all of them provide top-notch features that every vaper will appreciate. For instance, you'll notice that almost every DNA board includes a number at the end, which indicates the maximum wattage.

So, with the DNA30, your mod would be limited to 30 watts. If you're the type of person who prefers high temperature vaping, then the DNA and its maximum watts may be the device for you. A newer version of this board, the DNAC, includes a color information screen.Are you of legal age at your area to purchase vaping products? Look through our selection of box mods and pod systems now! Choose what suits you with this huge list of vape mods, box mods, and pod systems.

Many popular items on this collections are just devices for users who has their own preferred Atomizers. Each device have their own chipset, wattage output, utilities, and overall uniqueness. Still not sure which vape mod is right for you? Choosing the right vape mod comes down to a number of factors. To help you choose what type of vaping device would work best for you, first decide what style of vaping suits your needs. Are you a cloud chaser looking for a high wattage mod that will pair nicely with a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Or are you in the market for a device that is discrete and will work with Nicotine Salt E-Liquids? The vape mod category descriptions below will help you decide which vape mod is best for you! Vape Box Mods are the most common vaping devices, offering versatility and battery life capable of all-day-vaping. Customization and power range are two of the features which users like about box mods.

Most of the devices within this category contain a chip set that allows the user to customize their vaping experience. These chip set features often include: adjustable wattage, adjustable voltage, temperature control, puff counter, battery life indicator, atomizer resistance, power boost function, and several layers of built-in protection for user safety. Some chip sets even include features such as: time and date, customizeable wallpaper, and Bluetooth connection.

Box mods offer great battery life with the larger box-like chassis since they are able to house two batteries or a large built-in Li-Po battery. Most box mods accept two vape batteries ran in series, and can be charged via a built-in micro USB charging port. The new generation of Tube Mods have several advantages and disadvantages when compared to the more commonly used box mods. New generation tube mods are designed to be as safe and reliable as your standard box mod with the integration of a variable wattage chip set or mosfet chip set.

Due to their smaller design, variable wattage tube mods offer simplified features found in box mods such as adjustable wattage at a lower power range, battery life indicator, and on-board charging.

Some of these tube mods have a small screen and adjustment buttons, while other use a potentiometer for power adjustment and a back light indicator. On the other hand we have mosfet protected tube mods which offer all the safety features, but no power adjustability. These devices are geared towards user in search of a more sophisticated looking device to use with their rebuildable atomizers.

The output power of these vaping devices is based on the current battery state and outputs the voltage of the battery itself. For this reason, these devices often do not work well with Sub-Ohm Tanks and should only be used with rebuildables such as an RDA.

This can be seen as a pro because it allows the device to be much smaller and thus more portable; while some may find it as a con due to the limited battery life. Maintaining majority of the key features of your standard box mod, a Squonk Box Mod offers a unique feature for those that prefer using an RDA.

Squonk box mods house a small vape juice bottle, which feeds to the center pin via a feed tube. This allows the user to juice their coils when combined with a bottom feeding squonk RDA without having to "drip" from the top.Rebel mods have been hailed by many as the. Our DNA devices feature what many people consider to be the best chipsets currently available. If you are after a tailor made vape experience, you can literally tweak and modify every aspect of your puff!

These premium devices have been produced using some of the highest quality 3D printing techniques and printers available. This ensures a pleasing visual aesthetic and premium feel to every device amongst the range. Our Rebel mods are assembled by qualified UK technicians, and each one undergoes a thorough quality control process before shipping.

Home Evolv dna mods. Rebel mods have been hailed by many as the best vape mods and already best vape mods They have produced the smallest and Comes with the newer shape and Ace logo with more basic features for those that want a more moderately Now in stock!

Limited numbers as selling out very fast NEW! We now offer an battery adaptor in our accessories section Lightweight, powerful, stylish The revolution Lightweight, powerful, stylish The revolution is here. NOW with mix and match colours! Welcoming the Rebel Mod series - designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

The second in the Rebel We now offer an They have produced a small The first in the Rebel Series line up is a 3 x battery Vendor: Product Type:. You have successfully subscribed!Many of them still use antiquated control schemes.

But for those who crave the utmost in efficiency, ridiculously precise temperature control, and preheat customization, there are few arguments to be had about the consistent quality of DNA mods. Since that pivotal moment, DNA boards have grown to handle all the current wires in TC mode, from the original Nickel to Titanium and Stainless Steel, and is still quite comfortable pushing power to Kanthal wire as well in variable wattage mode.

In the coming weeks, Evolv will be releasing its first DNACa color version of the ultimate power board, but as for which company will have the honor of building a Vape Mod around it, or what it will look like, we have to keep that under wraps.

dna mods

Guess what? Though the older control scheme of classic DNA chipsets makes these mods a little polarizing, the recently introduced DNA75c now employs a beautiful full color display and a crucial function third button for controls. Certainly, there are other makers, other manufacturers that decide to produce their own DNA Mod, but lately, it seems the market is nearly cornered by these three top-notch companies.

dna mods

Still, what about the future? Its release caused quite a stir for the power-hungry Vapers. To date, that has not happened. Instead, Evolv has taken a different path.

A path of lower maximum wattage output, color screens, and that third, ever-important, function button. Or, perhaps Evolv was refining their improvements before moving back into the higher wattage game. Moving in the direction of color, lower wattage, etc. Almost serendipitously, the Sub-Ohm Vape Tank market made a similar move; building tanks with prebuilt coils that require less wattage and still maintain massive vapor output and true flavor fidelity.

Evolv is getting there. Technology is catching, and Evolv will soon show its latest board to the pubic. With the ability to use larger cells, the 2X cells as well as theEvolv is finding ways to move the company forward.

While the newer DNA75C use a straightforward, display-driven, function button, control scheme, older DNA mods have a somewhat intimidating learning curve. There are plenty of online resources to help newcomers get started, and better companies have included detailed instructions in their packaging. Of course, you can make these adjustments when your DNA Vape Mod is connected to a PC or Macusing the handy Escribe softwarewhich allows you to customize just about every aspect from what vitals show on the main screen to adding photos and even different fonts.

There are 93 different customization optionsto be exact. One quick note to get ahead of some potential controversy — only a select few companies are chosen to produce DNA mods. Squeezing out a hundred watts from the DNA75C must have been no easy feat, and we get the feeling this is only the beginning. As with other DNA75C board, the Mirage includes the three-button adjustments for the easiest and fastest settings manipulation yet.

Photos here are for reference only and are not representative of the variances of each unit. The dual Therion is the epitome of user-friendly functionality — not a small statement for DNA devices. But the streamlined display and menu structure is enhanced by a fantastic set of buttons and a clicky, short-throw fire key. And the die-cast zinc alloy frame counters the high-end beauty with a surprising sense of brawn — this is one of the few DNA mods in my collection that could survive a significant drop without much worry.

That said, leather, carbon and wood-grain accents still let the world know the Therion is a high-end Vape Mod. At the end of the day, did we wish the Therion had a little more power?It is a dual mod that comes with all the advanced features of the DNAC chipset. If you are after a tailor-made vape experience, you can literally tweak and modify every aspect of your puff! Keep reading for a brief history of the DNA board and our tips that will guide you in the right direction for learning how to use the EScribe software.

Dovpo collaborated with two of the hottest names in vaping, Vaperz Cloud and the Vaping Bogan, and came out with possibly the best dual mod on the market.

The Odin mod is capable of watts, features a 0. It was designed in collaboration with Signature Tips with ergonomics in mind. The mod is constructed from aluminum alloy and its shape makes it very comfortable to grip. Powered by a singleit provides precise temp control and wattage vaping. Instead of the replaceable pods of its predecessor, the Orion Plus utilizes replaceable 0.

The device houses an internal mAh battery, features replay mode, and offers adjustable airflow and five power levels. Constructed out of die-cast zinc alloy and using real leather for the battery doors three configurations and uniquely patterned resin or wooden side panels four configurations.

The Best Evolv DNA Driven Mods of 2018

Capable of watts with the use of two batteries. It fires up to 40 watts and comes with 2-mL refillable pods and a mAh battery.

With EScribe compatibility, adjustable airflow and pod options for both direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, the Orion is the most versatile pod system out there. Starting in with the Darwin, the first variable wattage device to ever hit the market, continuing with the introduction of temperature control with their DNA40 board inand introducing Replay mode with their DNA75C and DNAC boards inEvolv has drastically shaped the way we use our vape setups. One of the most distinguishing features of the DNA boards is their customizability through the use of dedicated software.

dna mods

EScribe is by far the most advanced vape-related software available and allows for a very in-depth control over a wide array of parameters, from simple profile and theme creation to every imaginable vape experience micro-adjustment. This page manual by Evolv will get you started with EScribe — it was written with the DNA board in mind but most info will also apply to newer boards. Best Products. Best Vape Mods Last updated: September 8, The best DNA mods available to date and how to get the best possible experience with them using the EScribe software.

What is a DNA board? What is the EScribe software? Best Beginner Vapes in Especially revered among temperature control vapers, DNA chips have proven to be the most accurate and reliable chips currently available. But which DNA mod is right for you? Lost Vape Centaurus Buy Now 2. Lost Vape Paranormal Buy Now 3. Dovpo Odin Buy Now 4. Dovpo Odin Mini Buy Now 5. Orion Plus Buy Now 6. Lost Vape Triade Buy Now 7.

Lost Vape Therion Buy Now. It has a premium design made with high quality carbon fiber or stabwood panels. The Centaurus is reliable and extremely consistent, especially in Temperature Control mode. Plus, Replay Mode simplifies TC by allowing you to save the warmth of the perfect draw.

All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

Learn more. The Centaurus is the follow-up to what was already an amazing mod — the Paranormal. Lost Vape have fitted the Centaurus with a more modern chassis, all new designs, and a more robust battery door. The Centaurus has a maximum wattage output of W and takes dual batteries for power.

The Centaurus has a premium design that is made of the highest quality materials. The carbon fiber panels are premium and classy and come in either classic or chopped designs. You get wattage control up to W, an extremely accurate temperature control mode that supports all of the most popular coil materials, and an in-depth settings and adjustment menu.

Replay Mode works with any temperature control coil and lets you save the warmth of the perfect draw. You can download thousands of themes from the official Evolv forums which you can then upload to customize your device. The Paranormal has a premium design that is extremely well built and machined out of die-cast zinc alloy.

The Paranormal is available in multiple colorways and finishes like wood, carbon fiber, and leather. The Paranormal will fire at up to W, and takes two batteries for power. You get wattage control, an extremely accurate temperature control mode, and numerous other advanced features. The Odin is a powerhouse of a mod that uses dual or batteries. The Odin can fire at up to W in power mode but it also has temperature control and TCR modes as well.

Thanks to the DNAC chipset, the Odin is just as good for temperature control mode vaping as it is for wattage mode vaping. It has the same high-quality, durable frame made out of zinc-alloy but in a more compact and portable size.

Dna mods

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